CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, it is a software solution that improve how you Sales Department interact and do business with your customers, track sales leads, provide inventory information to your sales force when they are on the phone with clients that are asking questions about your inventory, print paper work after entering clients info to start a deal folder, create opportunities of potential deals when your sales force uses the info to follow up with sold and unsold customers in the CRM….

in a nut shell CRM is very vital to the success of your dealership. So CRM while it is improving the sales process, building a sales pipeline, automating tasks, and analyzing your sales data will inevitably lead to one outcome and that is every dealer is looking for >>> increased sales and sales productivity.

Imagine a sales person on the phone dancing around customers question because he/she don’t remember every vehicle you got on the lot. With CRM the entire inventory is available and the sales associate can pen point the vehicle and even provide extra 2 3 vehicles as extra choice to look at…So Having all your major day-to-day business functions in one place makes for better workflow.

Making phone calls within your CRM platform automatically generates data in real time, the date, who made the call, what was said and key info that a sales associate can use in his/her next call and so much more. You’ll be able to automatically track old and new customers and schedule follow-ups, with a centralized base for contact information.

It makes sense to invest in a tool that neatly places all your work processes in one place, and lets you access all your tasks and workflow processes on-the-fly via cloud services like Ky Dealer CRM

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