An automated process that provides fast, accurate and informative replies can make them aware that you received the inquiry, but is that enough ?  Don’t get me wrong I love autoresponders when the dealership is closed, But if the store is open, Auto process should be followed by a call right away. You have a short window to get hold of that customer before he sends another lead to your competitor.

Every minute counts when a potential customer submits a lead. You want to catch them before they leave their computer if possible. Everything else can wait until you are talking to the customer or you get their voicemail. Once you connect with them you can start discussing their request and/or answer their questions. Confirm and compliment their choice of vehicle and discover whether or not they have a trade.

once connection has been made and you start to build a warm conversation with your customer. then quickly use your CRM to put and gather information on their vehicle of interest, availability, financing, trade-in evaluation, appraisal and more, you can help them make a faster decision, you have the best chance of getting them to visit your dealership. Unless of course, you are out of their area. In that case, all you can do is ask for that test drive or trade appraisal. Be helpful, don’t push or pressure them, make them want to visit you and your dealership.

Now if you made that first call, but no answer. never hung up…you must leave a professional voicemail by Introduce yourself, your dealership and let them know you are here to help answer your questions. Also, let them know if they didn’t call you back you will be calling them, specify the time use your CRM to enter all the info and setup a reminder before you can jump to your next Lead.