When selecting a car dealership, 80% of car buyers and 60% of service customers say internet, social media and review sites played a huge rule in making their decision. so if you are a car dealer make sure to pay attention to them numbers above because it is growing by the minute!!!

Most marketers/Internet Managers understand that social media sites should be used in some way into a marketing strategy, Sales process…of the dealership. now days Social media like facebook, twitter etc… are clearly huge influencers in buying decision.

Ky Dealer CRM has integrated facebook posting in its process so sales associates will have an easy way to post vehicles to their followers. that vehicles will be shared to someone that is in the market. and that is the magic of social media, it finds buyers for your inventory.

Ky Dealer CRM can actually generate traffic not just to your website but to the VIP (Vehicle Info Page) of the vehicle you posted thru our CRM. we believe that the more traffic you generate to a page the higher chance you get that vehicle out your lot before it ages.

Ky Dealer CRM has too many features including generating phone calls and text messages you individuals tat shares the vehicles to facebook thru our CRM. turning your sales department to a marketing department as a hybrid mode for more productivity and sales.

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